Should Rockstar be Worried About Saints Row The Third?

Velocity Gamer: I can see the comments now: “Oh, what a troll! An asinine question from a blatant GTA hater!” They will decry. Alas, I am no hater of GTA. Indeed, some of them make up a very small number of games that I have taken to 100% completion, and though I had issues with GTA IV, I’m wiping the slate clean and allowing Rockstar a second chance at salvation with the recently announced GTA V. With that preface out of the way, I delve into the question put forth by the title.

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NYC_Gamer3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

for what?saints row isn't even on the same level as grand theft auto....

Jobesy3254d ago

Won't even be out the same year lol.

blumatt3254d ago

Just give the game more fun stuff to do, like in the PS2 GTA games. Skydiving in San Andreas was extremely fun back in the day. Bring back flyable jets and planes too. And I want controller cheat codes again. Like R1, R2, L1, R2, <, Down, >, Up, etc. Using JUST the buttons, not having to bring up the cell phone like in GTA 4. Putting in cheats was annoying on that game, imo. I remember back on the PS2, putting in the Tank Spawn cheat code over and over again as fast as I could and it bogging down the game to like 5 fps or less. haha There were like 15 tanks onscreen at once. lol

BattleAxe3254d ago

Saint's Row is the "clown" of the game's industry, whereas GTA is "Gangster" of the game's industry, the real deal.

Hockeydud193254d ago

Until I see GTA V's trailer which I know will blow everyone away, Saints Row just looks more fun than most games I've played this year. I'm not the author of this article btw, just givin my opinion.


Y r people lauging @ saintrow3.. Truth be told its more fun,if gta5 is as boring as gta4 then I'm staying with saintrow3. I want a gta5 like san aderas, nico in gra4 was the most boring sh1t ever..he's character sucks. And I want my jet packs,planes..e.t.c the fun things gta san adereas had which is now in saintrow3 >:(

SH0CKW4VE3254d ago

Why is everything a big competition? im sure both games can co exist...

Morons and comparisons, why the two are allowed to exist.

Hockeydud193254d ago

Without competition we'd have no new innovative games. There would be no need. No product would have to be improved to be better than another and so on and so on. That's why there's competition.

Pintheshadows3254d ago

True, but games across all genres compete with each other for our money these days.

banner3254d ago

When is saints row even coming out??? It feels like it should have released already..

banner3254d ago

Bunch of geniuses over there... Releasing it around the heavy hitter games that everyone is waiting for. Should of released it late august early September I don't understand devs and there mentality in thinking a good game will only sell good so late in the yr.

consolez_FTW3254d ago

I thought saints row 2 was more fun and better game then GTA4. Though why should R* be worried? the next GTA doesn't release any where close to SR3.

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The story is too old to be commented.