FTG Review: Beat Hazard (PC)

Beat Hazard is a jamming game with enough flashes and pulsating sparkles to send someone reeling out of fear of seizures. Seriously, there’s a warning for it before the game starts, if you have the slightest history of seizure problems, do NOT go near this game. Beat Hazard is a bullet hell spaceship shooter where you pilot a ship and fight off enemies using lasers and missiles powered by none other than your own library of music.

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chanmasta2645d ago

Why are there suddenly reviews being submitted about Beat Hazard? o:

Cannonfodder792645d ago

I think it recently got ported to the PSN, though this one just happens to be showing up at the same time. >.>

chanmasta2644d ago

Ooh right o_o Thanks for the reply :P