What You Should Know About Dark Souls

Darkstation writes: "Dark Souls has carved it’s own little niche out of the gaming community ever since its release a few weeks ago. Since then there have been a myriad of people talking about Dark Souls and whether or not to play it."

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rogue06742553d ago

I'd love to own this soon. Maybe after Batman?

zerocrossing2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Well, Prepare to die...and die again, Oh and again ;D

Dir_en_grey2552d ago

Got both Dark Souls and Batman AC.

All I can say is Batman AC is a wonderful game, but Dark Souls reaches beyond just wonderful gaming and should be called an amazing "experience".
To me not only do I want to give game of the year to DS, for me this is the best game I've played this gen so far.

Starting from the Amazing and seamless world design, character design, brilliant story telling through player experience and not cut scenes, a combat system that is fun and deep while light users can still manage and get better with time, amazing enemies, the amount of content and exploration, amount of customization available while not forcing players to have to utilise it if they don't want to, the brilliant use of online mechanics that is seamlessly woven into the game etc etc.

The game is easy to get into while it has so many layers in so many aspects as a player you just immerse deeper and deeper into the game. I think this is most successful game that caters to the most range of light to hardcore players since the players have the freedom to play however and how deep they want, while all getting that amazing amazing experience at the same time.

I really hope more people would try Dark Souls because it is definitely one of those games that reaches beyond games and into the level of being "art" in so many aspects.
Dark Souls/Demon Souls series will definitely be one of those games that will be remembered and talked about 10 and 20 years from now.

Nevers2552d ago

I really couldn't agree more. Really loving this game. It's made me push buying BatmanAC and probably SKYRIM off until they have their ultimate editions. I'm happy as clam with just playing Dark Souls for the time being.

monfa2552d ago

Demon's Souls for me personally was the best game I've ever played... was

Ricksta_132551d ago

Haven`t played either of the 2 games yet. I`ve been looking for a challenge think i`ve found one.

Ordered demon souls for 14 quid..once thats done Dark Souls will b mine !!!

jerethdagryphon2551d ago

think of demons souls as an extended dark souls tutorial :)