The Top 10 Excuses for Losing

Games Radar writes:

"We hate losing, everyone does. Maybe that's why we always have some inventive explanation as to why we lost. After all, it couldn't be that we were just plain useless. Could it? Wait, don't answer that. Instead, read on for our Top 10 Excuses for Losing."

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Good one! My excuse vary on the situation...

On local multiplayer, nothing will ever substitute the break control excuse.

On online multiplayer, without headset, but some friend watching you playing, the enemies are ALWAYS cheating, specially in Warhawk.

Online, with headset, I'm always drunk and, if lose to the point I'm leaving, just let behind that little "at least I have a life".

But if you are on singleplayer, you can try that "AI is too good for me" GameSpot one.

Skerj3987d ago

Hah if I lost I lost, just say "Good game" and go back and try again. Learning and adapting from losses is key and is more important to getting better at something than constantly winning.

coolfool3987d ago

I actually did have a controller malfunction. I was playing against a friend of mine and I kept losing, I blamed it on the controller and he laughed in my face.

Although the laughter soon stopped when we swapped controllers....... ha!