Heavenly Sword Screenshots

Enter the arena, here are new images of Heavenly Sword, a PS3 exclusive developed by Ninja Theory. Technically impressive, Heavenly Sword lets you play pretty Nariko who confronts the King and his warriors armed to the teeth. Equipped with the heavenly sword, Nariko will leave on an adventure in order to avenge the people of her village exterminated by the army for the King. Heavenly Sword is set as a launch title for the European launch spring 2007.

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kingboy5857d ago

c'est magnifique! Vivement le TGS qu'on découvre de nouvelles phases de jeu.

Marriot VP5857d ago

Vous le lâche français

soccerstar5856d ago

i had these screens on the website yesterday under new ps3 game screenshots

Captain Tuttle5857d ago

Her hair looks terrible but I imagine it looks good in motion. The colors are so dull, though. Most of the PS3 games have dull colors. Is that because they're still in development?

TheMART5857d ago

Now this is one of the few titles that is looking allright and being an exclusive that's worth buying if you'd ask me.

Only thing is: I sort of get the feeling seeing the pictures that it could also been done on last gen almost. Maybe some extra lightning, but that's about it.

zypher5857d ago

as i've said about Resistance, this is definately a system getter for the PS3. can't wait to see more, along with DMC4 and MGS4. hopefully they show something more/different than just arena-battling at TGS.

Jay da 2KBalla5857d ago

I need to see more of this game before I consider a good game for as of right now it seems as though all this game is going to be repetitive arena battling. And Resistance isnt going to be a system seller because its a good game but because its the only decent exclusive game on the ps3. I mean the AI is sad.

zypher5857d ago

um, i remember my last exchange with you. and since i try my best to adhere to at least the applied rules of respect another gamer (let alone the new rules about posting on this site) i'll refrain from addressing you personally any further, on any topic. you can disagree all you want. it's still all a matter of opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.