Format holders have level playing field in next-gen battle - EA

All three next-generation format holders are expected to have an equal footing in the next-generation console battle, according to publisher Electronic Arts.

In the eyes of the world's largest games publisher, Sony's traditional dominance of the home console market will not continue in the face of the launch of Nintendo's Wii and the steady growth of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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JPomper5865d ago

It's a damn shame I don't trust a thing EA says.

Marriot VP5865d ago

now what would give you that impression, haha

OutpostCommand5865d ago

First of all, I might even dare say that EA are worse than Microsoft.
I have an incredible hate for the company,
Secondly, EA is likely to say such a thing-
they wouldnt want to get on anyones bad side, do they ?
Finally, unless I havent said so yet, I dont like EA.

JPomper5865d ago

Of course EA is worse than Microsoft, that shouldn't even be in question. They want to keep on everybody's good side so they can just resell the same old rehashed crap on everybody's system.

Phytonadione5865d ago

EA isn't that bad....(thinking of a follow-up statment).....(still thinking)......(kind of given up).....(totally given up). Yeah.

Yo Wassap5865d ago

as what was said before EA is a bit dodgey to me, i mean wasn't there a news topic earlier saying how much they know about your personal life?

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