MGS 4 Extended trailer - Direct Feed

If the PS3 has one last best hope for its launch window, it's the advent of Metal Gear Solid 4, surely one of the must have titles for Sony's recently troubled next-gen platform. The proof of the pudding comes our way this morning in the form of the direct feed extended Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from the recent Leipzig Games Convention.

Weighing in at a meaty eight minutes worth of viewing, the latest fruit of Hideo Kojima's design genius continues to impress. It opens with some excellent combat footage which shows a battle against Liquid's mighty walkers, who lay about them, creating absolute havoc in a gorgeous CNN-style combat scene - the bleached visual look really reminded us of the excellent Black Hawk Down movie.

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Fuzz McDeath5857d ago

...but does anyone actually think this will be out in the "launch window" (whatever that means exactly)? I'm thinking X-mas 2007 at the earliest - anyone have any solid info otherwise?

xrobbanx5857d ago

Bacause we havent seen anything ingame its atleast half a year away

OutpostCommand5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

It says that the PS3 has one last hope ?
Ach come on, LAME !
MGS4 will be an absolutely crasking title, no doubt, but its not exactly a title that if it wasnt released, PS3 would flop.
EDIT: Nether-the-less, nice link.

5857d ago
BIadestarX5857d ago

I stop watching these video clips. I'm tired of CGI already. hours worth of CGI for this game are available and yet no in-game action. No-wonder this game has to be release in blu-ray. Don't get me wrong I like cutscenes but this is overboard. When the cutscene add up to be more than gameplay it gets borring.

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