360 HD-DVD pricing, bundles and closeups

Over the last few week some more info has been released to the world concerning the Xbox 360's part in the next-gen DVD format wars: the HD-DVD addon drive to be released this holiday season.

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DJ5859d ago

Whoa, talk about expensive. The unit's pretty damn big too; it even looks like a miniature 360. Spending $750 plus tax on a console and an inferior hi-def movie add on just doesn't seem worth it. Thank you Microsoft for making the PS3 both greater in value and cheaper in price. =]

Seriously, if they want to promote this add-on they're gonna have to include a lot more than just two free movies. Maybe they'll have some sort of crazy special: "Buy a 360 and 5 years of Xbox live, and we'll include an HD-DVD drive for FREEE!"

True, they'd sound like a bad Sit'n Sleep commercial. But hey, considering their competition I'm sure they'll try anything.

AuburnTiger5859d ago

actually it's right around 371.8463 U.S. dollars.

M3RCUTIO5859d ago

Inferior hi-def? Most reviews indicate that HD-DVD is nudging out BluRay in terms of quality. See for yourself:

Oh, and until I hear an official statement from MS and Toshiba about pricing, this is all speculation.

DJ5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

The website you posted has a direct link to, but not the official blu-ray site. But I'm sure they're not biased in any way. The author actually states that the difference in visual quality is simply due to the codecs used by the respective Movie Studios. He even states "It is hard to argue with ten years of compression technology", which is true. Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD players can read VC-1 and MPEG-2 so it just seems to be a studio preference.

Blu-ray stores more data per layer and supports more layers per side, which is why I stated it is the superior format. Both formats are capable of the same visual quality. A big thing I see with the blu-ray titles is the use of non-compressed audio tracks which is great.

Why they would choose to use MPEG-2 instead of VC-1 on current Blu-ray titles isn't a very questionable decision; MPEG-2 is the industry standard and studios store digital masters of their movies in MPEG-2, not VC-1.

Once they start using Dual-layer Blu-ray discs the visual difference between the two formats mostly likely won't be noticeable since the current MPEG-2 titles are still compressed from their original transfers. I've seen reviews from other sites and I just see a bunch of praise for the visual and audio quality of blu-ray titles. In fact, there was one reviewer that found out the problem wasn't with the blu-ray titles but the player he was using to do the reviews. And once he switched to the new Panasonic Blu-ray player the visual improvement was staggering. I'll try and find it so I can show you guys and gals later.

AuburnTiger5859d ago

That site is filled with HD DVD advertisements, yeah i'm sure it's not biased in any way.

M3RCUTIO5857d ago

Oh, would you look at that?! They think HD-DVD is the better format thus far too.

zerofunction5859d ago

That price in incorrect. Your not taking exchange rate differences. For example take Australia. A xbox 360 game cost roughly $100.00 to $120.00 AUD. Now convert $120.00 AUD to US and your looking at $90.00 US. So as you can see you cant just simply convert the price to US. Your best bet is stop trying to do the math and let them release the price and be done with it.

LuminousAphid5859d ago

...HD-DVD is winning the format war so far. It doesn't matter if blu-ray is more technologically advanced or whatever you're talking about, it's probably not going to win the format war, if simply because of the fact that people trust the "DVD" name more than blu-ray.

However, I don't really care about any of this because I'm not rich and I can't afford a 1080p TV anytime in the near future. I won't be buying a PS3 or an HD-DVD add-on, so I don't matter in the format war; all I care about is that I can go blast across Oahu at about 270 in a McLaren F1 with my 360, which I don't see anywhere in the near future if I buy a PS3. :)

Islandkiwi5859d ago

That's my guess. And I don't think it's that big, I've heard it's the size of three dvd cases.

Look forward to hearing about it at X06 or TGS. If it's a couple hundred I may consider it as a purchase. I have Netflix so I can rent 'em.