Making Videos Of Forza 4 Footage

You have a few options. You can either buy a capture card OR you can use the in game/website features to compile clips. The latter takes a fair amount of time but its free.

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Abriael3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

honestly the video/photo feature (at least the handling of the files through the storefront/website), is the most clunky piece of backwards game design I've seen in a while.

What about just letting us save pictures and video on the hard disk and dump them on a USB stick? is that really so hard to devise?

BlmThug3325d ago

It took me over 8 minutes to upload a 23 MB bigshot photo to my Forza profile for use online and guess what? I can download a 1.3 GB demo in that same amount of time. Very p***taking

Rgoodwin113325d ago

I agree mate, I was asked the question though so thought i would do a little post on it :)