Wii Physical Fitness Games For Kids

GamerFitNation's Deshonda gives some suggestions for parents to get their kids physically fit. "The Wii gaming system can help children to get up and get active! This article presents game suggestions for parents. Video games in which a child just slumps in front of the television, glossing over into a haze are a thing of the past. A variety of Wii titles give children the ability to get up and move while playing a favorite video game. From dance themed games to sports based options, the Wii gaming system can provide kids with indoor exercise and physical activity time.

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CrzyFooL2649d ago

get it right, get it tight, play wii with your kids til they say goodnight.

bfigaro2649d ago

Once again Deshonda has done it again. Wonderful Article. All we want is to get the kids up and moving. Oh yea and have some fun!

gamingdroid2649d ago

How about kids just go outside and play sports?

I love video games, but that sort of activity should be limited especially for young children. They need to learn good habits....

DarkBlood2649d ago

if i ever have kids im going to make sure they hit the gym with me and train every day and sign up for defense

hows that for heathly excercise, thier bonus is getting fit and maturity compared to what i seen in kids these days -_-

DarkBlood2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

wrong post

fredolopez2648d ago

Love it, i'm a big fan of dance games since they're perfect for the whole family and get everyone sweaty :D great article!!