Rise Of The VideoGame Begins Tonight

Tonight at 8pm eastern is the premier of the Discovery Channel's five-part documentary, "The Rise of the Videogame." It explores, using form Kotaku guest editor Geoff Keighley's words, "a look at how the social and political climate shaped games and game designers in the 70s through present day." I can assure you it is much more interesting than it sounds, stuffed with game developers both famous and obscure.

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ReBurn4074d ago

I need to remember to record this.


or eh , my DirecTv HR 20 I mean.


I thinks this one is old... Or Discovery have already two 5 episode series on videogames? If they only have one, this already was aired on Brazil and it sucks.

Ignorant Fanboy4073d ago

I didnt DVR it because I thought it was the one I already watched.