Diehard GameFAN: Guardian Heroes Review

DHGF: It’s like this: Guardian Heroes is basically one of the best beat-em-ups ever developed, the end, and unless you actively and passionately hate the entire genre you have no reason whatsoever to buy and love this game as your own. The plot’s still surprisingly good after all these years, the port of the game in general is solid, and the game features updated, clean high definition visuals as well as the original graphics for purists and a soundtrack that is still phenomenal fifteen years after the fact. The game is a joy to play and features gameplay mechanics and ideas developers haven’t done much with before or since, and there’s a great amount of depth to the experience both with the multiple story paths, unlockable characters, online and offline multiplayer modes, Leaderboards and Achievements, so you’ll have plenty to do with the game on top of it all.

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