Fans Call For Suikoden VI

Recently, Konami asked a simple question on their Facebook page: “What Konami game franchise would you love to see brought back?”

They asked, and the fanboys (and fangirls) answered: Suikoden!

The real question here though should be, “Is Konami listening?”

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NewMonday3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Their is a new Suikoden game coming to the PSP

Cloudberry3565d ago

Albeit it's not Suikoden VI...

I don't mind if it's similar to Tierkreis but...

I would much prefer the sequel story after Suikoden III's timeline.

tiffac0083565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I want a direct sequel too.

I want to see Jeanne and Vikki again and solve the mystery of Yuber and Pesmegera.

They could also expand the timeline of Suikoden V there is another kingdom on their continent too.

Ultraplayerxp3565d ago

^^I agree. I also wanna see Harmonia, Hikusaak, and the Sindar mystery solved. There's so much backstory that Konami can use but they just leave us hanging.

Lifewish3565d ago

Tierkreis SUCKED.. please stop with these crappy handheld games and give me Suikoden VI on the PS3.

gustave1543565d ago

harmonia plz.. begging to see it since suikoden 2...

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Lucreto3565d ago

I need more Suikoden games. If the PSP version is localised I will buy it. Beggers can't be choosey.

Redempteur3565d ago

Oh course , now that people are calmed by ZOE HD , everyone ( and the suikoden fans in particular ) are asking for a true suikoden , not this teikreis "thing". i just want a suikoden 2( or 5 ) like game , in HD possibly with some answers toward the series mystries. There is plenty of material to explore , just forget about teikreis and give me my political drama

gustave1543565d ago

more suikoden is always good!!

Ultraplayerxp3565d ago

I'll settle for an HD collection Konami!

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