Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Review by Inside Pulse (7/10)

Alex Lucard reviews Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles for Inside Pulse Zones in ten categories and rates each category separately (out of 10):

1. Story: 7
2. Graphics: 10
3. Sound: 7
4. Control and Gameplay: 7
5. Replayability: 7
6. Balance: 5
7. Originality: 5
8. Addictiveness: 6
9. Appeal Factor: 8
10. Miscellaneous: 8

Overall Score: 70/100
Final Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Summary: "Congratulations RE:UC! You are the fifth game this year to get a 7 or higher from me. This is arguably the best light gun game, best RE game, best horror based game, and best M rated game on the Wii that I have played. Those are some strong words, but I stand by them. For those of us who have spent years watching series like Silent Hill and Resident Evil ruin the name of quality horror/terror based gaming, this is a bit of redemption for one of the series. Rock on."

Rating: 7

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jinn4074d ago

resident evil should be banned from the wii