Ignite Review- CPG

Ignite is a really fun racing game that has several different modes to keep the gamer interested. Not only are there several different race modes, but there is also 5 person multiplayer as well. You can you burn rubber by yourself or make your friends cry as you continue to leave them in your dust. Ignite has some very interesting concepts that are new to the racing genre. In all game modes, you gain points for driving in certain ways. You gain points for crashing into objects like cones, barrels, and movable barriers, however you lose points from running into walls. You also gain points from drafting, drifting, driving fast, or being in first place. The points that you acquire are used in two different ways. The first way is as boost. You can press shift to make your car use nitros at the expense of spending points. The other way that points affect your game is at the end of the race. Points are then used to subtract time off of your total time. This comes together to create races that not only are you trying to be in first place but also conserve points so that when you finish someone won’t be ranked higher than you because they converted points into reduced time.

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crossplatformgamers3573d ago

Yeah it's really a unique approach to racing games. Nemesys Games puts out great inventive indie games