7 essential improvements for Killzone 2 reports;
The Official Playstation Magazine issue for December 2007 reveals the 7 secrecies of Killzone 2.

* According to the developers, downloadable content will be developed after the release of the game
* The environments are destructible (walls, columns, vehicles, etc.)
* The "Hit Response System" will target the body parts of your opponents, for a devastating fire!
* Killzone 2 will provide coverage system much more advanced than the first episode.
* The reaction of the enemies will be scripted, however, they react to your position and your actions(decisions).
* On the sound Side, the game will be entirely in 7.1!
* The images of the game will be further processed through a software to give a more realistic look.

The game will be available in the year 2008.

Source: Playstation Magazine

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kingboy3985d ago

i`m just delivering the latest news found on a mag no need to say it`s spam or lame,plus it`s pretty easy reporting than posting right?

The Wood3985d ago

plus when did whoever know what everybody else knew already

Real gamer 4 life3985d ago

I have a feeling that this game will be dealyed.

mighty_douche3985d ago

when it finally hits stores its gonna change what people think possible on the current gen consoles.

we all know this will ship when GG/sony say its ready, anything less than this would be foolish.

DrPirate3985d ago

I think it's coming out fall 08.

They haven't shown enough/they still have many features to implement and it just seems unlikely this will be out by February.

Kleptic3985d ago


I have a pretty strong feeling that this, FFXIII, and MGS4 will all not show up until next fall...

MGS4 may hit in the spring like planned now...but I still think its unlikely...don't know why...its just its very obvious that Konami and Kojima are in no hurry to get it finished...

FFXIII and KZ2 most definitely in the fall...KZ2 is not going to be a Q1 08 game like some rumors...although it sets up an interesting lineup for SCE...being that Resistance 2 is rumored to be up for next fall also, which is a much more well known franchise when it comes to the PS3...which could result in KZ2 being out earlier...

I don't know...KZ2 has so much stuff left to show...we have seen barely any of it (one level basically)...and it was obvious that it was still a pretty early build...but it will turn out great I think...If uncharted is any notion of what the PS3 is capable of, KZ2 is going to be one of the coolest looking games ever made...

Anego Montoya FTMFW3985d ago

has it for Feb 08.

and they`ve revised it alot of times and NEVER changed that date.

expect it sooner than later.

jtmill073985d ago

Let them delay. These next gen games do not need another game that is rushed out. The 360 doesn't and the PS3 doesn't. Happy Gaming everyone.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3985d ago

MGS4- will be out this spring.

LBP- will be out this spring.

FF13s- late 08 early 09.


Just give me an out-of-the-rail bullet system (once you aimed and fired, the bullet goes in that direction, if the target moves, the bullet doesn't gonna follow it, will just miss... maybe look stupid, but most games have the bullets in somewhat low velocity and at least a bit rail guided so it just get easy) and they can delay it all they want.

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zonetrooper53985d ago

I think it was pushed back to Q4 of 2008 from what I've heard which is annoying. I want this game and I do hope they will support it for some time after.

Devr3985d ago

It hasn't been pushed back. The only real release date has always been "2008". Although I read in a magazine that they're aiming for summer.

Killjoy30003985d ago

that info must be wrong and i know it is. do you really think sony has the financial time to delay their most massive title yet?!no they dont.

leon763985d ago

Seems to me that this game will be out of this world, something Magnific, never seen before!!!! the delay for me is secundary...

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