Comparison Battlefield 3 with Mass Effect 3

Take a look at these two screenshots to compare, which ones are the best.

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Hufandpuf3572d ago

Both look cool, but the mass effect pic is using the battlefield theme so it doesn't count.

ZombieAssassin3572d ago

Can't wait for either of them, Just bought ME2 since they dropped it down to $20 and now I feel bad for waiting so long because it's a great game.

Kaizin5143571d ago

I bet your pocketbook doesn't feel bad though. :) Mass Effect 2 is a great game though, I think it is worth full price, glad you got it though.

--Onilink--3571d ago

omni blade rules them all!! (on that topic, its probably right on top of my list of weapons that dont make sense at all.. a projection that becomes solid??WTH??)

cj1pate1013571d ago

Are you fucking stupid take this post down. You just took battlefield bad company 2 wall paper and put shepherd in as the soldier. This was a way for you to get hits on a bad article.