DirectX9 vs. DirectX10 in MS Flight Sim X

A pair of screenshots showing the capabilities of each.

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Marriot VP5858d ago

Hmmm, DX10 is the future of course but the differences are staggering, too staggering. This isn't a fair example of the differences because it's biased towards DX10 being adopted.

Which concept(yah they say concept) picture did they work with most.

deadpreacher5858d ago

Looks great, but DX10 has nothing to do with the x360 becuase it can't do DX10. Yet its something the PC guys can look forward to!

TheMART5858d ago

major bull you're talking. The 360 API control is just different then the standard DX10 commands.

It means: it has a DX9 base, but with it's own API control it can do about the same effects as DX10 on a PC. Heck, we don't know, the GPU is not seen on the PC market yet (yeah it's close to the ATI 1900 XTX, but that one doesn't have for example the 10 MB extra fast embedded Ram, which the 360 GPU has), it might even give extra effects added on DX10 possibilities with the own 360 API control not bounded to a fixed DX10 environment!

So actually what you say, says nothing

DC RID3R5858d ago

that ms has adopted plenty of the dx10's architecture inside the 360, so although you can't technically call it true dx10, it's close enough!!!!!

360 gamers have a hell of a lot to look forward to!!!

RuffRyder5858d ago

The xbox 360 may not be fully DX10 but it can do the equivillant.

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The story is too old to be commented.