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JellyJelly3571d ago

Awesome! I love Tim Schafer and Double Fines games.

Yi-Long3571d ago

... I love them, but they're usually quite small games yet they're released at 1200 points, which is a price-tag that seems a bit too steep for what those games are offering. 800 pts would be an instant buy in most cases, but at 1200 pts (and often with DLC), I usually skip them until they go on sale...

maniacmayhem3571d ago

I wonder if MS will publish Shadow Complex 2.

I hope so.

Solidus187-SCMilk3571d ago

I just wish they would release shadow complex 2 already, I loved the first one and its been over 2 years since that came out.

Infernostew3571d ago

I'm really happy for them since I love their games but I'd like them to start releasing stuff on PS3 again.

cstyle3571d ago

Awesome news. A smart move by MS. Kinect plus Pixar is a win-win deal.