Xbox AU boss: PS3 could miss March

Xbox Australia exec "unsurprised" about PS3 delay; hints at 360 retail deals this coming holiday season and says he wouldn't be surprised if PS3 lags past revised launch date as well.

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TheMART5860d ago

I wouldn't be surprised actually when this Christmas only demopods are running in stores for PS3 and one can only write in to receive one when they're produced. Which will take into 2007 before one get's delivered.

It's something like with former East-German/Sovjet cars. One ordered and had to wait 10 years to get it delivered...

the_bebop5860d ago

Why am I not supprised that you posted here first.

the_bebop5860d ago

Why am I not supprised that you posted here first.

the_bebop5860d ago

Cant this guy say something that we don't know already or hasn't been said before.

"McLean hinted that Microsoft would unveil some retail-focused strategies this holiday season to entice gamers who had money saved up for a PS3 to switch to an Xbox 360 instead."

No thanks I think I will spend my hard earn cash on a HDTV plus a few other things.

darktangent5860d ago

Wow., If Sony is the market leader that they claim to be, and that everyone hails as the true Master Chief pardon the pun. They cannot duck The Wii60 this holiday season and maintain that they are the king. When it comes to pushing sytems yes its a good idea to wait and duck the competition of the holiday season since Sony has alot more riding on the PS3's success, namely the whole BluRay technology. that they want to excel.

Gh0stDrag0n5860d ago

Duck Hunt will be available for download on the Wii at launch :)
Most parents will see the price of the PS3 their kid wants and buy something else, of course there won't be any PS3s available so they will probably buy a Wii or 360 especially if there are eye catching bundles available.