Xbox 360: Invading A college Near You

Millions of young adults are heading back to college this Fall, and their first course of education is going to be the "Future of Home Entertainment" as taught by the Xbox 360(TM) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The country's largest college video game tour, The Game U College Tour, is taking the hottest new video game console, Xbox 360, back to school to educate fans on the future of gaming and home entertainment.

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Marriot VP5869d ago

HAH, I've already returned to PSU and yah in my whole building theres about 2-5 people in a building of 150 with 360's. So that's where it's at, but hardly comparible across the country.

I think I'm about the only person on this site who's doing college. But I'm sure there's others.

Indigo5868d ago

M$ keeps on impressing, this is where u see the mighty dollar of M$ at work. Games are for gamers, and they are clearly showing that we come first regardless of what competitors are doing M$ is showing they have the means to expand there empire and it can only get better from here on. EA has already issued coments on how this Gen will be more balanced, wich can only mean bad news for Sony, they will need to come with something cuz there business of selling movies case in point "blue ray" will surely not be enough cuz gamers want games, and that's what counts.