PS3, PC, 360, Wii RPG scans 10/17

Here are Famitsu shots of a whole bunch of RPGs that are coming to at least one of the main “big screen” gaming platforms.

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Relientk772926d ago

Give me Ni no Kuni and bring Tales of Xillia to North America.

Dart892926d ago

You forgot or give me death:P.

LoaMcLoa2926d ago

I think Ni no Kuni is confirmed for NoA-release :O Read it some time ago

imoutofthecontest2926d ago

I can't tell if you're joking or not.

Chrono2926d ago

My mistake. I was viewing the other one and didn't close the tab.

ssb31732925d ago

Skyrim and Dragon Quest are looking good so far, cant wait for them