Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Hands-On Preview (Empty Lifebar)

"The good folks at Microsoft were kind enough to bring Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to this year's New York Comic Con. Attendees had the chance to play six-on-six team slayer on several of the new maps being added to Halo: Reach's multiplayer this Fall."

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GreasyBacon322918d ago

Call me when they release a PC version.

ViktorZangiev2918d ago

Ha. Give it a year or two.

RaymondM2918d ago

I'll get it, but I don't know about a $40 price tag for a game I played in high school that wasnt Zelda

cl19832918d ago

We when you figure in the mp maps its more of a 25.00 game with 2 map packs.

mcstorm2918d ago

I cant wait for this game. ODST and Reach MP was not the best so giving us Halo 1 with xbox live MP will do for me until Halo 4 is out.


Thats the only problem though, it's not straight up Halo CE multiplayer. It's the HaloCE maps played using reach gameplay mechanics.

you still have armor locks etc. If you have halo Reach you can still download the maps.

at least that is my understanding and the only reason i am a bit disappointed with this. I can understand why they did it, but I would rather have just had plain old HaloCE multiplayer gameplay, nothing added, nothing taken away.

morganfell2918d ago

I already have this preordered. From what I have read and heard in videos, what you are saying isn't exactly true. Many of the mechanics from the original still exist. As a matter of fact they specifically stated the pistol has it's former power. I beleive the phrase the devs used was "grossly over powered pistol". Be prepared for headshots across Blood Gulch. I never had an issue with it and have already cleared the day after launch for a long MP session.

mcstorm2918d ago

It was not the Reach MP I did not like it was the maps I did not like I think the maps in halo 1 2 & 3 where alot better than the ones in Reach. But from what I know so far about the game it is the original halo game play but using Reach engine for the new graphics over lay. From the videos I have seen too it looks like 343 are giving the fans what they have been asking for but we will have to wait and see what happens when the game comes out.

DARK WITNESS2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I will have to double check it again.

my understanding is that the single player is exactly the same as halo CE, the physics, weapons and everything else plays exactly as it did in Halo CE, only difference is the graphics.

The multiplayer is halo CE maps but played within Reach playlists with all the functions from reach multiplayer. In other words you still have things like armor lock and jetpacks.

People who don't buy Halo AV, will still be able to buy the multiplayer maps and play them using Reach disk.

I don't see how you will be able to play using reach and have the physics etc from halo CE multiplayer.

I could be wrong, I will double check.