Tribune: Forza Motorsport 4 Review

Tribune writes: "For the longest time the racing simulation crown has always gone to the Gran Turismo series, leaving Xbox owners in the dust with racers that, while not bad games, never really reached Gran Turismo’s level. Turn 10 hope to change that with their latest installment of the Forza series, Forza Motorsport 4.

Forza 4 contains over 500 fully detailed cars from over 80 manufacturers with over 60 different tracks to race on. Players are also given the ability to fully upgrade and tune each vehicle to their liking as well as design their own paint jobs for each individual car. The game is very rewarding, with players gaining credits and experience for almost everything done in the game, whether it be racing online in it varying game modes or completing the Career Mode."

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Ziriux2926d ago

No thanks I'll still take GT anyday.

masteroftheclaw2926d ago

I need to get this! The last Forza I have is 2 and it looks like a bunch has been perfected between the releases. I wonder if we'll get a Forza 5 on 360 or if that'll be an early title for a next-gen console...

Ziriux2926d ago

Yea and now a sad kinect ability was added, which I don't even see why, no point to it really.

Cinotix2926d ago

While Forza 4, added a lot of things this year, I can't help but notice the car selection and the number in GT games is a lot more quality whether that's the cost that Turn 10 can't afford or the relationships sony has with the manufacturers, either way as a gamer it's not something I care about, in the end the product it self is what counts for me. :)

Ziriux2926d ago

Just because it has a pinto doesn't mean it's quality. But I get it.

Valay2926d ago

Forza 4 has been receiving some very nice reviews.

Singu1arity2926d ago

They really are starting to engineer entire worlds of gorgeous cars.