Is Creativity Fading Away in Games?

Are creative games taking a breather or are big franchises hogging the spotlight with the same old game? And why?

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BitbyDeath2928d ago

"big franchises hogging the spotlight with the same old game"

This, cause most of the news stories come out of America who are obsessed with First Person Shooters.

smashcrashbash2928d ago

Yes. Many developers are afraid to be creative or try anything new in fear of mass rejection. So best thing to do is touch up he game engine, adjust the graphics, give the game a polish, add in a few things and make 3-5 months of DLC. And volia. Generic game number 8. And for generic game number 9 add in one new mode and a new weapon.

Anon19742928d ago

Creativity is having a hard time with big budget games, just like big budget movies. The second the budget starts to soar - the less changes developers are willing to take, and rightly so. We've seen a lot of good games this gen with big budgets that tried something new and were punished for it. That's why we're seeing creativity in smaller, downloadable games. When less money is at stake, your more inclined to take more risks, the publishers, investors, managers are less involved trying to steer the project into what they believe to be profitable territory.

That's what scares me about next gen. As the hardware power increases, the costs to develop on that hardware increase - the less risks developers are likely to take. The less likely they'll be to stray from the formula.

In the meantime though, there are some great companies putting out a lot of creative works as DLC. Those are the guys to watch.

SH0CKW4VE2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Not at all, look at the indie scene.

ThichQuangDuck2928d ago

Creativity is still in gaming I would just say less than last generation. Developers in this recession are scared to take a risk so they go with generic ideas or make a small twist to lure in the crowd. I miss creative game ideas to be honest some of my favorite games are those creative ideas, even then a creative game should not be milked like a cow unless it can continue to deliver something new each experience. Like first hearing of bioshock 2 I was skeptical and actually skipped it to wait for bioshock infinite to be in another unique area. Keep gameplay fresh and inventive and you will always have fans

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