GameSpot gives 4/10 to Boogie PS2

Boogie was EA's first game built from the ground up for the Wii. It wasn't very good on the Wii and now it's on the PlayStation 2 where, once again, it's not good. The game's premise, which has you sing, dance, and even create your own music videos is an interesting one. However, an interesting premise does not necessarily make for a great game. Such is the case with Boogie. Now that motion controls are out of the picture, dancing is even less interesting than before, the karaoke still doesn't work very well, and the tracklist isn't likely to appeal to the younger audience the game is geared toward.

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MK_Red4010d ago

The Wii version was mind numblingly simplistic (Shallower than a Wii Play mini-game). I can't imagine how easier it might be on PS2. At least on Wii, we had to point controller in 4 directions but here...

A bad port of a bad game from EA. Not really surprising.

BloodySinner4009d ago

Well, considering this was originally a Wii game...

goldenzealot4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

it dosnt matter if it was originally a Wii game, The wii is better than the ps3 and its going to end up selling more than the ps2. Get over ps3 fanboys

btw i am a Wii Fanboy!!!!!!!!!!! lolz