Battlefield 3 The Russian Interview

Andy McNab and Peter Grimsdale's Battlefield 3: The Russian is the most ambitious and substantial thriller ever to be published alongside a game. It is the best in its class. Never before has there been such close, two-way collaboration between an author and the creators of thegame itself. Nor has the resulting book been written by a thriller writer with such a strong track record of bestsellers behind him. SAS hero, McNab has used Battlefield 3 as his starting point to write a story that breaks new ground and can't be found within the game. Displaying all of his trademark grit,authenticity and insight, Battlefield 3: The Russian is a scorching top-of-the-line military and a heart-stopping race against time...

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SH0CKW4VE2921d ago

OMG hes attached his name to that book! I must rush out to buy it like a sucker for brand marketing

Elwenil2921d ago

Yeah, I'm sure they are trying to sell this just based off the names involved but it might be worth a read. I'm a sucker for Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and similar authors so I'll at least keep an eye on this to see how it is.