Where Are the Movie-based Batman Games?

GameZone's Lance Liebl gives possible reasons why we haven't seen any current-gen video games based on Christopher Nolan's Batman movies.

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gravemaker2920d ago

nolan's movies are too boring, new batman games are much more fun

Relientk772920d ago

Idk what u are talking about The Dark Knight was amazing, and Batman Begins was great too.

vortis2919d ago

They already had movie-based Batman games. The reason you don't hear about them speaks for itself.

HeavenlySnipes2919d ago

PLease God no. They'd be boring to play. The movies are awesome, but Bruce as Batman doesn't really do much

Getowned2919d ago

Actually Bruce could be very important because he could do things during the day when batman can't come out and play as long as they don't focus on it too much it could work out great.

Perjoss2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Exactly! true Batman fans must be pretty damn happy right about now, they got brilliant movies AND a game that to be honest, you couldn't really ask for a better franchise.

yes, an interesting idea.

edit: My dream come true would be for Rocksteady to use their talents on a Superman game, oh yes.


I agree with the Superman game, hell, it would be really cool if WB put Rocksteady in charge of all their big name DC characters, and let them decide where to go from here.

Getowned2919d ago

Don't even ask that question.Movie games = Bad.

I would rather RockSteady keep doing there thing or make batman games based on the comic books.The Dark Knight Returns:The Game would own,old batman vs mutants(balls nasty),the joker,and superman >:P lol...can't wait to see the new movie Batman:Year One loved the comic.

SH0CKW4VE2919d ago

Yes where are they with their limited budget, limited development time and overall limited quality?

indeed I would be much happier reciting "IM NOT THE ONE WEARING HOCKEY PANTS" over and over again with Kinects voice functionality

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The story is too old to be commented.