Press Pause: NBA Jam, from my pad, through our eyes

Press Pause Host Carlos Rodela wanted to tape this week's show in a more comfy setting: on a couch, sipping beers, and playing the just-released NBA Jam: On Fire Edition on co-host Dan "Shoe" Hsu's big TV. So that's what they did.

Watch them play (even through Carlos's eyes, with his special camera eyeglasses), see Shoe's nerdy apartment, and listen to their review.

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NagaSotuva2921d ago

For a moment I thought I was watching the 40-Year Old Virgin.

Sadie21002921d ago

Totally a 40-Year-Old Virgin apartment! :)

THR1LLHOUSE2921d ago

That Mighty Mugg collection might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Tolkoto2921d ago

So are we gonna get yearly NBA Jams now?