Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 CG Trailer

Watch one of the videos from NYCC now.

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Dart892924d ago

They said they couldn't add Strider when it M VS C was announced and now he's in this version??F u capcom im gonna pirate this game for my 360.

Ddouble2924d ago

Yea it was because of licensing issues but they got that sorted out. They don't fully own Strider.

ThichQuangDuck2924d ago

playing devil's advocate all these characters were going to be added as DLC which actually would have cost us more but after the earthquakes in japan they got delayed indefinitely so they just decided to make a ultimate edition but it does suck that we have to shell out more money ,but this seems to actually be the complete package and they have already announced free dlc. which I hope they continue to do

Ddouble2924d ago

Sick trailer. Loved the Spiderman vs Strider bit.

Nolando2924d ago

So does MvC actually play like this? can you blow your opponent out of a building through a wall...?

Tanir2923d ago

I adore the picture of Jean Grey (Phoenix) I'm going to draw a picture like that next (Painted my Profile Pic)