Devil May Cry 4 devs may talk

Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Hideaki Itsuno discuss the series' new hero, hint at surprises in store for the game.

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PS3 Ultimate5865d ago

Devil May Cry 4! One of the biggest titles ever! Making its way ONLY on The PLAYSTATION 3!

Shin_Akakage5865d ago

I'm sure this will be a great game. I have really enjoyed the series thus far. However..its not Devil May Cry without Dante. How can they change the main character without finishing his story? DMC2 which technically was Dante's last adventure...ended with him going into "hell or hades" in order to end things once and for all. Capcom never finished this storyline. DMC without Dante is like Halo without master chief or Ninja Gaiden without Ryu Hayabusa or The Legend of Zelda without Link. Something about this just really bothers me. I'll still get the game..because I do like the just not DMC without Dante as the main character. oh well.