Battlefield 3: 'Multiplayer Is Our Highest Priority' - DICE

NowGamer: If multiplayer's in order, campaign takes care of itself says DICE.

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zeksta2922d ago

What? It always hasn't been DICE's highest priority? :O

2fk2922d ago

it was always their highest priority since they never really dedicated their time into singleplayer until now

iamnsuperman2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This basically confirms what we all new that the single player will be more tacked on. Not a problem to most because battlefield is primarily a multiplayer game but I was hoping single player would get the same focus. I am more of a single player person. I thought DICE might have turned it around. Their best campaign was BC because it was humorous. Shame how more and more games are going multiplayer focused

TimmyShire2922d ago

To be honest, I'm bored of hearing what they have to say now.

Gamer-Z2922d ago

Haha agreed, just bring out the game already

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