FingerSports: Rage User Review

Boshibo from FingerSports writes a slightly unimpressed review of Rage for PC.

Our reviews are written by community members who bought the game themselves and took the time to put their thoughts down for you to read. Please keep this in mind.

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Tachyon_Nova2921d ago

On graphics - "Graphically this game is very pretty, as pretty as an apocolyptic landscape of the future can be, but it still falls short in my opinion when compared to games like Fallout or even Metro2033..."

What? Metro 2033 has 20x better graphics than Fallout...

kamakaz3md2921d ago

Everyone deff. overhyped this game. Yea it was graphically beautiful and yes, the game ran so damn smooth. It felt weird playing it, and I just didnt have any fun at all... everything was pretty good, but the missions were lame, and as big as the game was promised and shown off, it doesnt come close to matching up to half the games that came out this year already. Pass this 1 up, get infamous 2 if you have a ps3, or gears 3 of course if you got a 360...

Shadowaste2921d ago

stalker part one from 2007 looks better than this game
Clear sky and cop crap on it
far cry 2
guild wars 2
arma 2
x3 terran

all these games and more have so much better texture work than this over-hyped turd rage

the clouds are pretty though, I'll give them that!