Why Battlefield 3’s PC Version is More Than Just a Game

We know that console games help sell consoles, but it's easy to forget that PC games can sometimes do the same. And when it happens on PC, it happens on an enormous scale.

That's because when a big PC game comes along that's considered a generational leap, PC owners can, en masse, feel the need to go out and buy new hardware for their rigs. And Battlefield 3 is, for many, that game.

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Semir2918d ago

Battlefield 3 on PC is true art.

GraveLord2918d ago

All video games are art IMO.
Good or bad? Its just a matter of opinion.

Jayjayff2918d ago

No sentence could be truer, you fair sir.

x8002918d ago

I cant wait for bf3.

Played bf3 beta on PS3 and PC beta with the same monitor with HDMI the ps3 version made my eyes hurt as it was too blurry, low textures, low resolution? i dont know but it gave me a headache playing it on ps3. but am sure the graphics will improve a lot just like crysis 2 did on ps3 compared to the crysis 2 beta which had low rez textures.

JsonHenry2918d ago

^^ I did the same thing, but I had the xbox, PS3, and PC hooked up to the same monitor and switched between the inputs to look at the differences. Of course everyone knows the PC version is going to look better, but I was not impressed with either console versions even considering the hardware limitations involved when compared to other games on the market.

They played about the same though. But if you don't mind the low visual fidelity on the console versions then you are in for a treat because the gameplay itself transferred well from the PC version even if the visuals did not fare as well.

BlmThug2918d ago

What other things is this videogame?

Ayepecks2918d ago

The article seems to indicate that because it and Modern Warfare 3 are going to sell consoles and PC upgrades that it's somehow more than a game... not sure I understand that logic.

x8002918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )


its a real war! :)

the article is saying because its bf3 everyone is upgrading their pc components/systems/buying consoles for the game.


yeah thats because pc had 32-64 players, faster reactions from everyone and it felt smoother because of the fps we were getting.

KiLLeRCLaM2918d ago

I agree with the article..

ginsunuva2918d ago

I upgraded my pc for it.