5 Most Anticipated RPGs – October 2011

Final Fantasy Type-0 upsets Skyrim, with Heath taking note, "Last Month, I was surprised to see this one getting votes, yet here we are this month with it somehow dethroning longtime champ Skyrim."

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imoutofthecontest2924d ago

My own top ones would be probably
Ni no Kuni, Skyrim, and Tales of Xillia. Too many to list in total though. So many great games on deck.

NewMonday2924d ago

of the JRPGs confirmed for the west i want:

Tales of Graces F
Last Story
Grand Knights History

imoutofthecontest2924d ago

Is the Last Story coming out in just Europe or will NA get it too?

NewMonday2924d ago

only Europe is confirmed, sorry but Reggie doesn't like JRPGs

Kurisu2923d ago

So unfair that Type-0 is out in Japan in 11 days time :(

Abriael2923d ago

Funny how type-0 is labeled as a PS3 game :D Wishful thinking or freudian slip? :D

Kurisu2923d ago

Ha, so it is! Type-0 on PS3 would be AMAZING.

imoutofthecontest2923d ago

Whoops, maybe a little of both ^^;;

Mikefizzled2923d ago

This is just a huge base for arguments pitching western RPGs against JRPGs.

Tony P2923d ago

Well, it looks like a JRPG enthusiast site with a few WRPGs sprinkled in randomly.

Not too surprised, considering.

knifefight2923d ago

Curious as to why you'd say that? It's a 60%-40% split (as even as it can be with 5 games) and seems to stay pretty balanced in most months.

Rowland2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

top 5 .... ? that's easy.




knifefight2923d ago

November's gonna be huge.

Rowland2923d ago

and Dec, Jan, Feb, March, April and May.

that's how long it will take to complete Skyrim.

Then there's the 2nd playthrough with all the enhancements, DLC & Mods as well !

MaxXAttaxX2923d ago

Dead Souls should be a solid candidate for RPG Of The Year.
But Skyrim might win it, unfortunately.

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