PSN Titles Discounted This Week

Loot Ninja just got a media alert from Sony letting them know that starting today and running through November 29th, you can grab four PlayStation Network Games for $4.99 each.

Calling All Cars and Everyday Shooter are originally $9.99, with fl0w originally $7.99 and PixelJunk Racers originally $6.99.

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gamesblow4640d ago

This isn't a deal... this is the price all PSN games should be, Sorry. 10,9,8 and 7 bucks for these games is a complete oil and lube job to the consumer.

drunkpandas4640d ago

There are plenty of games on the Xbox Live Arcade over $5, and many games in the Wii VC are over $5 as well. It's not just games on the PSN

Genki4640d ago

is hardly a valid argument, it's inconsequential.

gamesblow4640d ago

Yeah, and those are insidiously overpriced too. The nes and snes games are absurd. 5 to 10 bucks for 25 year old games. Please. How about a buck 99? If that.

taz80804640d ago

PSN titles are worth it a bit more IMO since you can share them with buddies legally. so at least you can think of it like splitting hte cost of a game thre or four ways.

blusoops4640d ago

Super Star Dust HD! I think that game is well worth $9.99, in fact when I bought it, it was just $7.99. I know it's just my opinion, but that's my favorite game on the PSN atm.

DJ4640d ago

is SuperStardust HD. I'm fine with flOw and Everyday Shooter.

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