BF3 - New Spotting Features in Final Build? DICE's Thoughts on Similarities Between Competition

MP1st - "In the recent build of Battlefield 3 that we've been seeing lately, there have been a couple of newly implemented gameplay mechanics that really stood out to us for a few reasons."

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Hockeydud192925d ago

The only game that I've actually started to use the spotting ability in is Gears of War 3, every other shooter just gives you a UAV.

2fk2925d ago

Bad company 2 did it also

torchic2925d ago

you can spot in Crysis 2 with the visor. it's really useful there because of cloaked enemies. implemented badlly though.

BeardedPriest2924d ago

Don't you just love how Queen Myrrha yells "Enemy Forces!" or "Target my mark!" Anyone else notice how Presscot and the queen are both very pompous? I think this radar is good... i don't need it, but the game will become playable for those who don't have a sixth sense like some of us... But than again... this means i'll have to start playing with a silencer...

Hellsvacancy2925d ago

"Competition" lol, bf3 is in a place of its own, seperated, from other ARCADE shooters on the market

I wouldnt compare DragonAge 2 with Dark Souls, they "maybe" RPGs but THERE DIFFERENT

It all boils down to money at the end of the day, and thats the one only thing they care about

Dunno why i just wrote that, i am pretty baked

Criminal2925d ago

"It all boils down to money at the end of the day, and thats the one only thing they care about."
Yes, it all comes down to the sales figures and such. But, gamers, in my opinion, shouldn't care about that too much. As long as our favorite games are being supported post-launch with patches, we should be happy.

Hitman07692925d ago

Agree with Criminal. Sales don't matter if you're a real gamer.

Mister_V2925d ago

Funny thing is, from what I remember, MW3 is allowing players to spot enemies à la BF3, as well as allow them to man a controllable UAV and spot enemies from there.

Nitrowolf22925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

\sorry wrong reply

Hufandpuf2925d ago

Spotting in mw3? Why would they put that? It seems like a game breaker too me. I think the game was on the right track but why include spotting?

Undeadwolfy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Is spotting really necessary in CoD? Spawn... die... spawn...die. The maps are already tiny and corridor based anyway. Enemies stick out like a sore thumb. Spotting will just give an extremely unfair advantage..

BeardedPriest2924d ago

Its ok they have death streaks for people like you.

Ducky2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"This basically confirms that enemies who fire an unsuppressed weapon will have their position revealed on your mini-map."

Didn't that feature already exist in the past games? O.o
I coulda sworn that triangles popped up on the minimap when someone shot their weapon in BC2.

Mister_V2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It definitely was not the case in the Beta. (Addressed this in the article as well.)

Ducky2925d ago

Hmm, I assumed it was the same as BC2, so never paid attention to it, but from the time I've spent in the PC Alpha and Beta, I do remember having nearby enemy gunfire showing up on the minimap.

Otherwise, I don't see much point in using a silencer/supressor.

3GenGames2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

They showed a red dot for the duration of their firing and then disappeared pretty quick after that, almost instantly.

One think I hope that they do is make it so you don't need to have an HD TV because my 720p WEGA, one of the best CRT's for gaming, can't render the text in the box 100% because of how small it is [interlace kills it]. They should make the minimap a little bigger because the red dots are pretty hard to see too. Or do like you could in BF1942 and resize it to your liking....

SITH2925d ago

That is 100% what I was thinking. This is an old feature I remember from bc2. I suspect the author is new to battlefield to assume this is new.

Criminal2925d ago

The author is comparing the beta to the final game. This particular feature wasn't present in the beta.


SITH2925d ago

And that is part of the problem. A demo I could understand comparing to an entire series but a beta is insufficient for such comparisons. There are a ton of features missing from the bf3 beta.

awi59512924d ago

No in BF another player must spot you its not automatic.

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Nitrowolf22925d ago

"In other cases, you have two completely friendly implementations that have no resemblance, but you will still get compared.”

Yeah that's what most people don't understand

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