Famitsu’s Most Wanted (Oct 16)

Japanese magazine Famitsu posts the 25 most wanted games of its readers.

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imoutofthecontest4177d ago

In case anyone's wondering why some multiplatform games are listed with just one (such as Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Metal Gear Solid Rising), you can only pick one platform per game that you vote for. Sometimes you'll see 2 versions on the list for that reason, though that hasn't happened in this case, it seems.

NewMonday4177d ago

Uncharted 3 is the only west made game in the list

knifefight4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Re: "Uncharted 3 is the only west made game in the list"

NewMonday4177d ago

i meant that as a complement

knifefight4177d ago

Oh, heh ^^;
Sorry, I thought you were being one of "those guys" that drags out the cultural nitpicks and stuff. Nevermind then~

petko234177d ago

11 ps3 games. well done sony. poor wii. only 1 game. HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

knifefight4177d ago

PSP has 4 games on there too, including the #1 spot. Little bugger just keeps going.

imoutofthecontest4177d ago

...that's gonna sell truckloads.

Also there are 2 Wii games: Zelda and DQX.

...BOTH of which are gonna sell huge.

bergoo4177d ago

look at all those 3ds games!

Bereaver4177d ago

Ohhh how the mighty has fallen!

17. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)

I really wish square would get it together.

Arksine4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Too far away. When its closer to release it will jump up to #1 most likely.

Edit: Ugh...meant to be in reply to Bereaver.