BF3 Mortars, Map Size, and Vehicles

Battlefield hosted a podcast today live from the Nvidia LAN 6. Lots of new details were brought up about the Mortar use, Map size, Vehicles and more. Check it out,

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Wizziokid2925d ago

"If you hated the Beta, all has changed"

I enjoyed the beta minus the issues it was mighty fun, bring on the 28th!

Shackdaddy8362925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The mortar sounds amazing

Wizziokid2925d ago

I was going to be an assualt class mainly but now I just don't know haha

LeonVesper2925d ago

Simply hearing that they reintroduced ingame squad management... Me gusta.

EazyC2925d ago

It would be cool if you could hotwire those cars on Operation Firestorm. Maybe engineers-only? :P

veChuy2925d ago

See u on the battlefield 25th!!!

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