NYCC 2011: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 "Heroes vs Heralds Mode" Trailer

Check out the new mode being released as free post-launch DLC for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!

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acemonkey2927d ago

that mode sounds and looks dumb some cool things u can do with a friend but that camera guy sucked too lol.....Post Download i remember them saying some thing like that for MvC3????what mode was that???? lol

Baka-akaB2926d ago

So i guess its starting to kill a bit the "not enough extras mode" usual comments ?

RockmanII72926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

If I remember right, they said Spectator mode would be a free post launch dlc update for MvC3. Interesting.

ThichQuangDuck2926d ago

I will believe it when I see it downloading for free with all the pre order bonsues and dlc. But if true this is truly shaping up to be what the original should of been still wish silver surfer, venom and others were in heck I wish the whole sinister six was in.

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