[Gaming Evolution] White Knight Chronicles II Review

White Knight Chronicles II returns players to Balandor, a magic-infused kingdom of fantasy, swordplay and myth. Players will follow the adventurer Leonard on a brand new voyage set one year from his original journey, and master an enhanced, more dynamic combat system. Players will experience an RPG game that incorporates a variety of robust online gameplay elements with many quests, utilizing an active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels.

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Hozi2928d ago

this is the bet review thus far for this game.

mprunty2928d ago

Thanks. Enjoyed the first game, and the second one is even better.

GabeLogansBitch2928d ago

It was a love it or hate it game, WKCs. I guess Level 5 just listened to those who loved it when making the sequel.

mprunty2927d ago

That was definitely the case. They had an idea of how they wanted the game to be and that's what they did. They didn't conform to what's popular or how everyone else was doing their RPGs.

WildArmed2926d ago

Thank God for that.

Sacrificing your fans for 'bigger target audience' is the worst type of sellout.
I understand that it happens a lot this gen due to costs of dev. rising, but it always leaves a majority of their fans standing in the dust.

WKC2 is fantastic so far.. (the story was a bit on the repetitive side, but never the less! Online content is really shining in WKC2)

maniacmayhem2918d ago

Nice, the first good review i've seen for this game.