Level-5 Vision 2011 trailers

Gematsu: "You’ve seen the (rather small) screenshots, now watch the trailers. Level-5 went live with most of their Level-5 World trailers today, including those of Yokai Watch, Time Travelers, Fantasy Life, and more."

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Relientk772923d ago

Level 5 is great, and I impressed with these videos they released

Zero232923d ago

hope fantasy life comes to vita like time travelers did.

PirosThe4th2923d ago

time travelers is also coming to vita aswell?

cseru12923d ago

Fantasy Life will never come to Vita. It's being developed co-developed with Brownie Brown who are a Nintendo first-party company.

forevercloud30002923d ago

looking forward to NiNoKuni as well as Yukai Watch. It looks like it will be on PS3.