Sony UK is running its biggest campaign ever for Uncharted 3

“This will be the biggest launch in SCE UK’s history, both in terms of ambition, numbers and spend and will be supported by a marketing budget of around £5 million.”

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Abash2925d ago

Great to hear, can't wait for Uncharted 3!

beastgamer2925d ago

should of done it for resistance 3.

farhsa20082925d ago

It's a shame that R3 wasn't given a big push as this too. Resistance and Uncharted are my two favourite franchises.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2925d ago

Agree. It's a real shame Sony don't put more into advertising their exclusives other than just YouTube and Internet. If they spent the amount of time advertising their exclusives as extensively as Microsoft do with multi plats then they would be onto a winner

I love the uncharted ad campaign but I hate how uncharted3 is the only exclusive that's been heavily advertised outside the Internet. Infamous 2, resistance 3 and some others needed it more than uncharted in my opinion as uncharted is the biggest exclusive Sony have anyway.

SoapShoes2925d ago

Uncharted is not the biggest Sony exclusive... That goes to Gran Turismo and I'd say God of War is on par with Uncharted(sold less but has more brand recognition).

Michael-Jackson2925d ago

Resistance 3s marketing in the UK was £3 million, so this is an improvement.

zeeshan2924d ago

I wonder how much marketing Twisted Metal will get?

Denethor_II2924d ago

@ beastgamer
To be fair Naughty Dog are a Sony first party studio, whereas Insomniac are now starting to whore.

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Ive heard this before..Then the game comes out and sales are not as high as its expected to be. Sony should just get microsoft marketing team.

sikbeta2925d ago

I can only say FINALLY!

*Go Uncharted 3!*

Sickr2925d ago

For once I don't mind being bombarded with television ads

farhsa20082925d ago

UC2 was the best game I ever played. The biggest compliment I can give the game is that after I completed the story I wanted to forget everything I had played so that I could be blown away again each time playing it.

I have high hopes for UC3

PirateThom2925d ago

I just paid my copy off, the advertising was not needed here.

Relientk772925d ago

I'm glad they all advertising Uncharted 3 so much, it really does deserve all the attention it is getting.

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The story is too old to be commented.