Tech-Gaming | NBA 2K12 Review

With each successive console generation, sports titles have offered increasingly elaborate control scheme in an attempt to capture the skill-set of a professional athlete. Presently, NBA 2K12 stands proudly at the apex of complexity, delivering an input method which rivals the sophistication of a jet simulator. Like a rigid recreation of air combat, enjoyment is dependent upon the time invested in learning the title’s nuances.

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madmad2923d ago

Any differences between the 360 and PS3 versions?

mediastudies2923d ago

Its really as complex as a "jet simulator"?!? You're kidding, right?

optimus2923d ago

not really; he was obviously exaggerating because it does take some time to learn. for every "advance" move you want to do you have to hold a turbo button plus 2 other buttons(sometimes) and then it would depend on how you're being guarded etc...i hardly ever use advance moves control for that reason. oh and then you have the extensive playbooks which you can spend a good 20 min. adjusting before each game. (i tend to stick to the default books) so you end up having a bunch of crap in the game you rarely use...ah well.

mediastudies2923d ago


Now you put it that way, it does sound pretty complex. And cool as well, as you get your $60 out of it.

optimus2923d ago

well i was talking more about 2k11, but with 2k12 it is possible that they added more functions to the controls (as if their wasn't enough already) like they do with every sports game update...then again they may have cut some corners here and there to let people enjoy the game more. I'll eventually get it as it is an overall good package and it currently has no other competition but i'm not rushing out to do so like i did with 2k11...i guess if the nba doesn't resolve their players' dispute currently going on this would be a good alternative.