S1Gaming: Dark Souls Review

S1Gaming: Challenge, that’s the best word to describe From Software’s most recent title, Dark Souls. A spiritual successor to the vaguely known Demons Souls, this title brings some new, noteworthy changes but keeps the aggravation that the series has gotten a reputation for. For new players, the motto of the game “Prepare to die” is the best advice to follow, but veterans of Demons Souls will be met with more bosses and new enemies to sharpen their skills.

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Psychonaughty2924d ago

8/10?! There's no accounting for taste I guess. This is one of the best games ever, I'd put alongside Ocarina it's that good.

SteveThe1ne2924d ago

8/10 is still a good score. The game is great for people who love it's style, but not everyone will.

specialguest2924d ago

An 8 is still a great score. I don't expect everyone to be in love with this game.

Psychonaughty2924d ago

Clearly Dark Souls is either a love it or hate it game, it's not a "I liked it quite a bit" kind of game at all, how very dull and safe a verdict on something this polarising and controversial.

You clearly didn't finish the game in which case you're not qualified to review it unless you state it's a first impressions which you didn't.

I stick by my original statement, "there's no accounting for taste".

You're entitled to your opinions but don't give up your day job is all I can say.