The Amazing Spider-Man debut trailer

Activision has debuted a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man this weekend. The developer says the game is returning to an open world structure, and it will hit stores in Summer 2012.

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MrGunny942925d ago

Open world confirmed i'm happy now give me a hell of secondary missions and suits.. and let's make this the best spidey game since PS1 and N64

GraySnake2925d ago

Yea. I really Hope this is at least on par with SP2 or Web of shadows.

ThichQuangDuck2925d ago

I didn't play web of shadows but I am hoping for SP2 quality without balloon missions

TopDudeMan2925d ago

Spiderman 2 was Awesome!!! Spiderman 3, not so much. Too much of the same thing, I guess.

I'm glad they're going with the open world thing again. Clean slate and all that jazz.

thats_just_prime2925d ago

the movie looks like crap so I have no hope for the game

firefoxprime2924d ago

I Dunno GunzBlazing...Shattered Dimensions was the best spidey game since PS1/N64. Considering the similiar gameplay style.

Amazing Spiderman should be the best spidey game since Spiderman2(2004)

The graphics of WOS
The Huge Map of SM3(2007)
The Epicness of SM2(2004)

Fortunately, SM2 was a movie liscensed game, so Amazing Spidey brings hope.

thats_just_prime2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

10 disagrees ? wow people actually think that movie looks good ? The suit doesnt even look like its spiderman. Then again I cant believe that anyone paid to go see that crap twilight

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*YAWN* Another movie game,tell me something new.

Laxman2162924d ago

You're an idiot. Oh wait, you said something new... Sorry.

Blaze9292924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Beenox is still making this, yeah...nine months after that terrible release that was Edge of Time.

However, the web swinging does look, well - amazing.

ThichQuangDuck2924d ago

Beenox is working with another company that has been working on the game for a full year and some question whether they were focused on this. I am willing to give them a chance even though they are not what everyone wants...Rocksteady

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Rampaged Death2925d ago

It's been 7 years since we have had a really good Spider-Man game. This is looking like the wait could be finally over !

perfectCarbonara2925d ago

Game looks good but my guess is walking on ground level will be lifeless and boring as fuck.

phntom2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I will not play any game from Spider-man til they make a sequence for Ultimate Spider-man.

Laxman2162924d ago

Sequel, you mean? The game had its own sequences, and they were pretty cool, a sequel, with all new sequences would be sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.