Uncharted 3 invades London Underground With Massive Ad

Nathan Drake, the adventurous protagonist of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3 has invaded the London Underground network.

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psb2923d ago

damn, I can't wait for this to come. More so after watching the recent TV spot. My body is ready.

crxss2923d ago

IMO one of the better maps in the U3 beta. that, syria, and airstrip.

Iroquois_Pliskin2923d ago

finally, Sony is advertising a game that deservers it

HappyGaming2922d ago

I saw them today in Oxford Circus they looked stunning :) Also saw forza 4 around the corner...

Pacman3212923d ago

I hope they advertise the s**t out of this game.

kikizoo2923d ago

Why ? this great game can't be better because of that.

Marketing and/or sales are not really important for gamers, unlike xboys try to explain each time a great sony's exclusives don't sell tons the first day.

Pacman3212923d ago

I never said that the game can't be great if they don't advertise it. I want them to advertise the game so that it generates more sales for a game that deserves a ton of sales.

krazykombatant2923d ago

@kikizoo when a product doesn't sell well it, it is considered a marketing failure, or the final product sucked big time. In resistance 3 case, the huge lack of marketing and the release so around this time of the year was a bad business move.

Sales should be important for you, if there is a game that sells absolute shit, you can bet your top dollar that the dev and publisher will not invest anymore money into that game. ie, lair, (that blade game that came out at the beginning of the ps3 release).

however, for UC3, there is already a huge base so the game will sell it on its own.

However, I do believe pacman321 meant was that he wants ND to get as much support and praise via $$$$.

eagle212923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Looks good. :)

Motorola2923d ago

It's funny cuz there is a map called London Underground in the game .

iamnsuperman2923d ago

This was a surprised. TO be honest I tend not to see many ads like that for gaming. The only PS3 related ads I see are usually sponsoring channel five's movies.

2923d ago
cyborg2923d ago

that is one sexy looking ad

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The story is too old to be commented.