IGN NYCC: The Amazing Spider-Man Game Details

Earlier this week, IGN posted the poster for The Amazing Spider-Man movie game. Today, developer Beenox showed a teaser trailer and let some details loose.

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MrGunny942927d ago

WTB a decent Amazing Spider man or Spider Man 2 remake.... is that so hard?

Stop JUST stop creating stupid ideas to sell for the name.. create a decent Open world spider man game with a wide range of secondary missions....


Relientk772927d ago

An open world Spider-Man game would be awesome

Outside_ofthe_Box2926d ago

I don't understand why they stopped with the open world spiderman games in the first place. -_-

Infamous and Batman are the only true super hero games.

TopDudeMan2926d ago

"new feature that will make players feel like they are Spider-Man/Peter Parker"

I sincerely hope it isn't move or kinect.