IGN: Why Madden Needs Competition

Since EA signed an exclusive license with the NFL in 2004, the franchise has failed to move forward. It needs a kick in the pants.

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detroitmademe3701d ago

i agree.I just finished playing madden online&I was cheated out of a victory.My opponent kept shifting his linebackers left n right&when i'd hike the ball his linebackers would instantly sack me...every play.Now EA does allow you to send feedback on ur opponent but does it really work? How do I know in the next game i play ,I wont b cheated on? Whats the point in playing online if I have to worry about others exploiting the game?Madden 12 is a good game but it needs competition,at least so i can rest assured that Madden is as good as it gets.

lazertroy3701d ago

But yet every year reviewers like you say madden get's better every year. "OH Madden 12 IS best madden ever 9/10" give me a break.

HappyWithOneBubble3700d ago

I know right. They make this stupid article but yet always give Madden good scores. I know EA pays them though. IGN just showed how more ignorant they are.