Does Battlefield 3 mean Game Over for Bad Company?

OXM examines the fate of DICE's light-hearted spin-off.

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iamnsuperman2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

No. Next year it will be MoH the year after it is very unlikely going to be BF4 so it will be another BC (EA have already said they are going to release yearly modern shooter games to take market share from Activision). DICE in BC2 seemed to go away from what they created BC. It went all serious. I hope they bring it back to how the teaser first showed off BC. and other related trailers like the bad world one

evrfighter2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

no the year after will be Respawns game. the next BF will be 3 years from now. Which is the way it should be.

Bad Company should just focus on singleplayer or perhaps a real coop campaign.

STK0262927d ago

I seriously hope they don't do it, and I hope they don't really think it will work. I think BF3 will do very well sale-wise, as the game looks great and has received some nice marketing from EA. I'm prety sure it will take quite some sales away from CoD, despite the fact that this year's CoD is probably the biggest one since CoD4:MW.

However, I highly doubt a new MoH game will have the same kind of success, if next year's title from EA is MoH2, I think sales will actually be lower than BF3. After the reboot a few years ago, I don't think I'll ever buy another Medal of Honor game again, as the franchise has been losing steam ever since Allied assault. The reboot tried to be like CoD and failed.

Pandamobile2927d ago

I don't get how Dice will follow Bf3 with another bad company game.

StanLee2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I'm not trolling. This is a genuine question I've asked but no one seems to be able to or want to answer. How has Battlefield 3 distinguished itself from Battlefield Bad Company 2? I've played Bad Company 2's multiplayer and the Battlefield 3 beta and the two games aren't indistinguishable. Battlefield 3 seems to iterated on Bad Company's 2 multiplayer. And frankly, Bad Company's multiplayer had more personality and charm. For someone who doesn't live on how do you characterize one over the other?

Ducky2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I guess the main difference is the 'seriousness'.

The BadCompany series is a bit stylized (or cartoony) and it can be seen in the characters and general art design.
The main battlefield series carries a more serious tone, i.e., you won't see a russian medic running around with a red beret.

I've actually liked BC2 better than BF3 so far. As you said, the 'charm' just isn't there, and just feels easier to enjoy when it doesn't take itself too seriously.

... but there still are some significant differences, but in order to get a feel for them, you'd have to play Conquest. Rush is a mode from BadCompany, so that could be why the games feel similar from the beta.

Spinal2927d ago

The difference is not seen on the consoles. Other then the addition of jets.

For PC owners battlefield was 64-128 player games on huge maps that had jets, helis, tanks an boats etc. Bad company was built for the consoles with low player counts an far smaller maps an no jets.

For pc players battlefield 3 is the only sequel to battlefield 2 an IT is different to bad company. U jus played that beta which is not the full battlefield experience. Did u even get tonplay caspien border with the jets? I flew a jet an it was the shit!

malol2927d ago

bad company games are not bad
they are good on their own
compared to the main BF games its lacking
now that doesn't mean that they cant fill in that space

but then again it wont be any differences between BC and normal BF games

but on the other side you got this fanbase that BC has gained with years
now the best option in here is to have BF3 replace BC series in the heart of fans and just go on with it and forget about BC

basically its a dilemma that DICE has to solve now

Omar912927d ago

I know there different games but to me there the same. I consider BF3 the sequel to BFBC2. I mean its weird to see it that way for others but I just see to much similarity. Its like changing the final fantasy series name everytime because its a different "game"

xtremexx2927d ago

Was just thinking this, probably not, to be honest nothing really ends with a 2 these days. there is normally a tri-factor and then they might finish.

FlareDReborn2927d ago

This is how i think it'll go

Battlefield 3 - 2011
M.O.H 2 - 2012
Bad Company 3 - 2013
M.O.H 3 - 2014
Battlefield 4 -2015 (Probably on Next Gen Consoles)

Plus that gives DICE time to tweak Frostbite 2.5 which will probably be used in Bad Company 3, and update it to Frost bite 3 with the release of Battlefield 4.

Shadowaste2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

next gen consoles will be out in 2012 dude (at least 2 of them will), the 360 is already 6 years old!

MoH 2 Will be on Next gen consoles! BF3 shouls have been judgeing by the 12 v 12 multiplayer, the terrible jaggies, and that really noticible screen tearing.

How can you guys not want this, I bought my 360 in 2005, I had to search all over the house for it when gears 3 came out, I did not even know where it was....It was sitting in a box with the

The only reason my ps3 gets used constanly is bluray (and dark souls which is a near perfect game)

FlareDReborn2927d ago

Well i doubt the Next Xbox will be out in 2012..Maybe late 2013.

Hufandpuf2927d ago

Next will be mirrors edge. Then MOH, and after that is a mystery, hopefully a battlefield 2142 remake.

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